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sylvie-letellierSaco, Maine has been my home for many years. My husband and I raised our three children here and have enjoyed being members of this community.  Prior to working as a Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner, I have had a successful and rewarding career as a Daycare Provider, working with many children and their families. Through the years, my search for ways of staying well has opened my eyes to more holistic health care methods and has led me to my training in these modalities.

Since becoming a Reflexologist, I have served on the Executive Board of the Maine Council of Reflexologists (MCR). This has allowed me to stay current with the latest reflexology education and changes on the Legislative level.  As a person who loves to learn and grow, this has been an integral part of my journey in serving my clients to the best of my ability. I enjoy bringing new awareness to my community, and doing this wonderful alternative work with all of you.

We are all searching for ways of being well…not just getting better. I feel that holistic health care involves good nutrition, exercise, spinal alignments, and massage, as well as Reflexology and Reiki. These modalities are effective ways for regaining better health, but are not intended to replace the care of your physician.

For more information about MCR, visit www.reflexologyofmaine.org.

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